My transfer failed

There are multiple reasons why a transfer may fail. You can see some of the most common reasons:


A) Your bank does not allow the operation

Please contact them and review why with them. Taptap Send does not ever block transactions from our allowed cards. We want you to be able to send money as easily and quickly as possible!


  1.     You have reached your some limits on your card?
  2.     You do not have enough funds? You may want to use another card. For instructions on how to do so, please click here
  3.     Any other reasons specific to your card or bank


 B)    You need to upload documents

Your transfer could not go through as your account needs to be verified.

We need to receive a proof of address and proof of ID to lift the limits on your account.

Please send us an ID that is not expired and that shows:

-        Your name

-        Your date of birth

-        Your current address as indicated on your Taptap Send account

NOTE: if the address on the ID does not match, send us a utility bill instead or a bank statement.

Please review before sending to avoid unnecessary delays.


Use the links below, *from the app*, to send clear and complete pictures of your document(s):

One picture to send:

Two pictures to send:


 C)     You already sent documents but your account is not yet verified

Your transfer could not go through as we still need to receive some documents from you. Have you checked your registered email address? Our Support team has certainly sent detailed instructions, so go have a quick check and send us what is amiss.

You can also contact us directly. Click here to see the best way to contact us!

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