My transfer still hasn't arrived


We are sorry if your transfer hasn't arrived. We know how important it is for you that your transfer goes through. We always try our best to give our customers a speedy service but in the unfortunate event of a delay, know we are working on it and doing our maximum with our partners to solve the issue affecting your transfer. 


What can I check?

The status in the app always gives you the most up to date information. You can review the transfer details and also the visual map, we hope this will give you more clarity about where your transfer is at.


You will receive a push notification on your phone as soon as the transaction has been updated and processed.


Have you debited my funds?

Your funds are always safe.

We will only debit your funds if the transfer is delivered successfully to your recipient. For now, your funds have been authorised and blocked by your bank but we will release them, should your transfer fail eventually.


Can you cancel my in-progress transfer?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel any transfers in progress.



You can get in touch with our Support team if you have more questions, we are always happy to help! Select the Menu in the app, then "Contact us" and select your preferred method to contact us.


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