What is the Ghana Gov’t E-levy?


On the 1st of May 2022, the Government of Ghana implemented the new e-levy law on MoMo and bank transfers within Ghana.

It will not be applied to international money transfers from Taptap Send. It will also not be applied to cash withdrawals from MoMo agents or banks.  If your loved ones or family withdraw the money you send them at a MoMo agent or bank, they will not be charged the e-levy.

The 1.5% e-levy will only apply to MoMo or bank transfers made within Ghana to other people and to some merchants.

Taptap Send will continue to offer you NO FEE money transfers and we have NO plans to introduce transfer fees.


N.B: your recipients in Ghana will continue paying usual cashout fees - fees that are applied by their mobile operator but are not related to the Taptap Send product. But they will not pay the additional e-levy tax. 


We created this little video to explain e-levy tax to you! :


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