Sending money to Orange Senegal WITHOUT cashout fees!

Send an Orange money transfer without paying withdrawal fees? It’s possible with Taptap Send!

How do I do it? Send a transfer to an Orange wallet in Senegal.  

Your transfer will be credited to your recipient's main account.


My recipient cannot see their transfer in their Orange calpet

  • First of all, ask your recipient to check their Orange Wallet balance using Orange et Moi or Orange Money apps 
  • The transfer should land in the main wallet
  • Your recipient can also check his mobile account balance by dialling #144# and following the instructions;
  • In order to receive his first transfer from France, your recipient should remove the cap on his mobile account by going to an Orange Money agency with his ID;
  • To modify his PIN code, your recipient must dial #144#73# and follow the steps;
  • For more assistance, your recipient can contact the Orange Money support by Facebook:, by Twitter: @SupportOrange, by email: or by phone: 1444;
  • And also, if it doesn’t work in an agency, it’s always worth trying in another one.


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