Sending money to Senegal with Orange Money



We are very excited to offer a new way for you to send money to Senegal: Orange Money is now offered, on top of already existing Wizall!


Index Finger Emoji [Free Download All Emojis] | Emoji Island Ensure that your recipient has an Orange phone number and that the e-wallet has been well activated before sending  a transfer. 


Refunds with Orange:

Be aware that contrary to Wizall transfers, we are not able to cancel transfers sent to Orange Money, we also cannot modify them. Be extra careful when you enter the phone number of your recipient, and make sure it's correct so  that you are not sending money to someone else. 


How to choose Orange:

New recipient

In the app, when you enter a new recipient, you will have to choose the partner you want to send money with, like this: 




You can change your mind and update this until the last moment, by clicking on edit :




Once you have saved a recipient sending with a specific provider, for example, Orange, your contact will be displayed with the provider in question.

If you make a transfer to Samba Diop with Orange, once it is completed, Samba will be displayed as Samba Diop (Orange) in your recipient list.


Existing recipient

To use a different provider, keeping the same recipient, choose to modify this at the very end of the transfer and that will create a new recipient, like Samba Diop (Wizall). See below a screenshot of a contact you sent to all providers:





📧 E-Mail Symbol Emoji If you have questions on Orange money or if your recipient is having issues, if you have questions on Wizall, remember our Support team is always here to assist you!






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