Sending money from the UAE

Please find below useful information regarding sending money from the UAE.


How do you open a Taptap Send account?

You need to sign up in order to send money via Taptap Send. It is a  simple, safe and secure process that complies with local regulations and requirements.

You need to be physically located in the UAE to create an account with Taptap Send when signing up. You’ll also need:

  • An active UAE mobile number
  • a debit or salary card (Visa/ Mastercard), or an active UAE bank account to which you have online banking access
  • A valid Emirates ID


Where can you send money to?

You can send money to many countries across Asia, Africa and South America, with more coming soon. Open the app and select the receiving country from the list on the homepage. You can also see this list on our website


What is the maximum amount you can send?

  • The maximum amount you can send via Taptap Send for a single transaction is AED 8,500.
  • We also have rolling limits applicable every 30, 90, and 365 days. Read more on Fixed sending limits.


How much do you pay to send?

We will simply charge a small % of the exchange rate. We don't charge any transfer fees.


How do you send money via Taptap Send?

1- You need to verify your account before making a transfer:

By uploading your Emirates ID (example below), you’ll be able to verify your account. 


2- You can choose one of the methods below to pay for your money transfers: 

  • Connect your bank account 
    • You need to have access to your online banking, as you’ll be asked to enter your username, or customer ID and password to connect to your bank account. 
    • We use Lean, a secure third-party platform to link your UAE bank account. Taptap Send does not have access to your banking details.
    • See instructions related to your bank here: How to link your UAE bank account
    • Once connected successfully, you may see Taptap Send (DIFC) Limited added to the list of your beneficiaries on your bank app/ platform. When you send money via Taptap Send, your bank may send you a text message or a notification to confirm the transaction.

      Taptap Send does not charge any fees, but some banks might apply an extra fee for remittances.
  • Use a debit card or a salary card: 
    • Follow the instructions here on how to add a payment card
    • See here for What cards you can use 
    • Once your card is added successfully, you can use it to send money securely

      Taptap Send does not charge any fees, but some Salary card issuers may charge a transaction fee. You can check with your card issuer to confirm what their fees are for using their card. Mashreq Bank may issue a temporary 3 AED charge to your card when you add it to Taptap Send, but it is a temporary hold that should be removed shortly after it is applied.

3. Within 30 days of your first attempted transfer, you will need to have a proof of address document verified.


How do you verify your address?

In the UAE, we are required to verify your address. This is a requirement in the UAE to ensure the authenticity of your account as well as a safe and secure user experience. 

You can submit any of the following documents to us:

  • Money exchange/transfer slips (received when you send money at an Exchange shop)
  • all sorts of utility bills (electricity, gas, internet)
  • bank statements
  • tenancy agreement / Ejari
  • employment letter

Any of the documents above must have your name and residential address (not a P.O. Box), and must be less than 6 months old. Receipts from Taptap Send will not be accepted. 

You can upload your Proof of address document directly in the Taptap Send app. 


How to contact us?

By phone 

+971 488 200 26
You can be assisted every day from 9 AM to 9 PM local time.
Our team will be glad to assist you in English, Urdu, Bengali or Tagalog. 


By email

Send us an email to via your registered email address.

See here for more options on how to contact us. 


How can you make a complaint?

We always strive to offer you the best product and service possible. In case you have any complaints or concerns, please email us at We will review and assist you promptly.

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