Fixed sending limits

What are these limits?

Here at Taptap Send, we really care about your safety. Sometimes, we’ll need to see proof of where you got the money you’re transferring with us. Regardless of your account verification, you will have to provide us with additional information if you send a certain amount of money under a specific time period. 

This is a regulatory requirement for Taptap Send, and it helps us to make sure that our services are safe for everyone and free from money laundering.








30 Day Allowance





AED 37,000

90 Day Allowance





AED 74,000

365 Day Allowance





AED 220,000



How do you know you're about to reach a fixed sending limit? 

We will display a banner via the app before you reach the limit.


What documents will you have to send?

If we ask to see where you got your money, we’ll need you to provide a document that shows the movement of that money and that indicates enough to cover the limit you have reached.

This could include:

  1. Payslip from the last 3 months clearly indicating cash flow

  2. Valid and current employment contract, clearly displaying your contracted salary

  3. Bank statement for a full month from within the past 3 months

  4. Proof of pension income

  5. Proof of government assistance

  6. Proof of rental income from a rented property

  7. A letter from a solicitor confirming you received money from inheritance

  8. Any other document which clearly indicates your source of wealth or income

You will be able to send the documents using Taptap Send app directly. It will be easy. Once documents are received, our dedicated team will review them and you will be informed via the app once the limits are lifted. 


What happens if I cannot send the documents you required?

The limit is fixed in time, so if you reached it and cannot provide us with the documents(s) required, you can simply wait for the limit to pass and then resume sending. 

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