How can you send money to Nigeria?

You can send money to 4 banks:

  • Zenith 
  • First Bank 
  • Access
  • Wema 


How much will you pay to send to Nigeria?

From Europe, UK and Canada: we will simply charge a small % on the exchange rate and will not charge any extra fees at all.

From the US: you will pay a small fixed fee of $2 but nothing after that! The fee is the same no matter how much you send. 


How much can you send?

  • No minimum or maximum sending limits through our partner
  • There is only an internal limit of 1.800 GBP (per txn) and 2K EUR (per txn)


If you sent money to the wrong person or to the wrong number, what can you do?


If you made a mistake with the recipient’s phone number or bank account number, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as the funds cannot be reversed. 

It is important to always double-check before sending your transfer to make sure the details are accurate. Taptap Send allows editing everything until the very last step for that reason.



Naira 4 Dollar Scheme

Your recipient will receive an extra N5 in their Naira account for every $1 sent to Nigeria with Taptap Send.


In an effort to increase the inflows of remittances into the country, the Central Bank of Nigeria has introduced the “CBN Naira 4 Dollar Scheme”, an incentive for senders and recipients.


Recipients of diaspora remittances through money transfer services such as Taptap Send will be paid N5 into their Naira bank accounts for every 1 USD received, so long as your recipient has an account with a registered Deposit Money Bank. Recipients can collect the incentive in cash over the counter or through a deposit into their account. In the case of a deposit, the incentive should reflect in the account within 2 working days of the originating remittance.


Please note that Taptap Send is not liable for any failure whatsoever by a Deposit Money Bank to credit a recipient's bank account with Naira in accordance with the Central Bank's Naira 4 Dollar scheme.



Tips for recipients

Please visit our dedicated articles here


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