How can you send money to Pakistan?

At Taptap Send, you have the convenience of sending money to Easy Paisa and Jazz Cash Mobile Money wallets, as well as initiating bank transfers to any bank of your choice. Additionally, you can opt for cash pickup services at UBL* and BAHL**.

How much will you pay to send to Pakistan?

We will simply charge a small % on the exchange rate and will not charge any extra fees at all. 


How much can you send?

You can send funds up to the maximum limits permitted by our standard sending policies. To review please click here.


How fast are bank transfers to Pakistan?

90% of our transfers take less than 5 minutes to be credited to your recipients' bank account! That includes evenings and weekends too!


If you sent money to the wrong person or to the wrong number, what can you do?


For Bank transfers

We cannot modify or refund bank transfers once they are processed so it's crucial to ensure the details are correct.

For Cash pickup

If you made an error with the phone number or recipient name, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to assist you in reviewing the situation. To get in touch, please send an email to via your registered email address.


For Mobile Money

Make sure you input the correct phone number. If you made a mistake with the recipient’s phone number, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. As long as it is a valid phone number, even if the name doesn’t match, the transaction is processed once you confirm payment and the fund cannot be reversed. 



*United Bank Limited

**Bank Al Habib Limited

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