Trouble adding a payment card?

You couldn't add a payment card due to an incorrect billing address? We're here to help!

How it works 

Your billing address is the address associated with your debit card. The billing address you submit on Taptap Send must match what your bank has on file. This is done to ensure the security of your account. 


What to do?

Here are several suggestions that could help: 

✅ Make sure that you are using your own debit card

✅ Verify that all your card details are correct

✅ Contact your card issuer to confirm or update your billing address

✅ If your home address is different from your billing address, please turn the toggle below off, and enter the billing address separately (NB: Only available when you add the first payment card to your Taptap Send account.) 

✅ If you have more than one payment card saved in your Taptap Send account, you may need to contact each card issuer to ensure you have the correct billing address on file with all of them. 


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