"Pay bills" with Taptap Send


What is "Pay bills"?

"Pay bills" allows you to directly pay for services for your recipients directly using Taptap Send. You will be able to pay for airtime and data, electricity bills, satellite bills, school fees, or any other kind of bill, directly instead of needing to send money to your recipient


Where is this available?

"Pay bills" is currently a Beta version.
We offer it our UK users to pay for Air time data in Ghana and India. We will expand this to more countries and more countries very soon!


How can you use it?


In the app, open the main Menu and select "Pay bills". Then simply follow the instructions on the screen and select the product you want to pay for.



How much will it cost you?

We will apply a different rate to Pay bills but no extra fees and our rate remains one of the best in the market.


What if you made a mistake?

With Airtime and data, if you sent the wrong bundle or sent to the wrong recipient, note that we will not be able to refund this. We have made sure to alert you via the app so you can always double check and adjust before paying.


It is important to know that for certain bundles, the one you pay for may override what your recipient already uses. If this happens, your recipient can get in touch with their Provider directly so they can review and assist.

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