UAE - What is a Proof of Address document?

In the UAE, we are required to verify your address. You can submit any of the following documents to us:

1. Money exchange / transfer slips (recommended)



You should receive this receipt / slip when you send money at an Exchange shop. Ensure that it has your name, address, and is less than 6 months old.

2. Bank statement

You can download a statement from your bank’s app, or request a copy from your bank at a branch. Please be sure it has your name and residential address - we cannot accept documents with a P.O. Box.

3. Utility bill

You can get this document from your utilities provider (e.g., gas, water, electric, etc). It must be in your name.

4. Tenancy agreement (Ejari)

This document must be in your name.


How to upload your proof of address?  

Open the app. Select a country where you’d like to send money: 

  1. Check the banner on top of the app, select one that says “Address verification required” and tap “UPLOAD DOCUMENT” 
  2. You can choose to either tap the green button to take a photo of your proof of address, or tap the white button to upload a file already on your phone.
  3. Tap ‘Continue to upload’ to submit the document. We aim to review your documents within one day!
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