UAE - Payment Methods

You can choose one of the payment methods below to send money from the UAE: 

  • Connect your bank account 
    • We operate with more than 10 different banks in the UAE
    • You need to have access to your online banking to connect your bank account
    • We use Lean, a secure third-party platform to link your UAE bank account. Taptap Send does not have access to your banking details
    • See instructions related to your bank here: How to link your UAE bank account

Once connected successfully, you may see Taptap Send (DIFC) Limited added to the list of your beneficiaries on your bank app/ platform. When you send money via Taptap Send, your bank may send you a text message or a notification to confirm the transaction.

Taptap Send does not charge any fees, but some banks might apply an extra fee for remittances.

Once your card is added successfully, you can use it to send money securely.

Taptap Send does not charge any fees, but some Salary card issuers may charge a transaction fee. You can check with your card issuer to confirm what their fees are for using their card. Mashreq Bank may issue a temporary 3 AED charge to your card when you add it to Taptap Send, but it is a temporary hold that should be removed shortly after it is applied.

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