How can you send money to Egypt?

With Taptap Send, you have the flexibility to send money for cash pickup through trusted partners like Fawry Plus. Additionally, you can also initiate bank transfers to any bank of your choice, expanding the options for your money transfer needs.

All your transfers to Fawry Plus can be picked up from Fawry Plus agencies, but also ADIB branches.


How much will you pay to send to Egypt?

We will simply charge a small % of the exchange rate and will not charge any extra fees at all.

How much can you send?

You can send funds up to the maximum limits permitted by our standard sending policies. To review please click here.


If you sent money to the wrong person or the wrong number, what can you do?

Ensuring the accuracy of your transfer details is crucial, which is why it is important to double-check before sending. To provide you with added flexibility, Taptap Send allows you to make edits throughout the entire process until the final step.


However, if you happen to make an error with the recipient's details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to assist you in reviewing the situation. To get in touch, please contact us using your registered email address at


Tips for the recipient

Here is some helpful information to assist your recipient with cashing out using Fawry Plus in Egypt:

  1. Your recipient can visit any ADIB branches, or Fawry Plus offices for cashout. The transaction will be eligible for cash pickup within 30 days after the successful remittance
  2. Your recipient needs to provide:
    • the transaction reference number (pickup code) which will be sent to them, 
    • a valid government-issued identification document (ID)
  3. Your recipient might also need to fill in their information in a form at the cash pickup point

Important notes: 

  • The information they provide must match the transaction details for cash payout
  • Mention service code 73157 to the agent for a smoother experience! (this is a code associated with Taptap Send)
  • Please advise the recipient to choose Verifone device if they want to cashout with Fawry Plus 

See here for how much you can send to your recipient via Fawry Plus

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