How can you send money to Türkiye?

You can send money for your recipient to pick up in cash at UPT, PTT, or Nkolay branches.


How much will you pay to send to Türkiye?

For transfers sent from the US received in USD and transfers sent from the Eurozone received in EUR, we will charge a small fixed fee which you will see on the app. There are no other hidden fees. 

For transfers received in USD or EUR from other countries and transfers received in TRY, we only charge a small percentage of the exchange rate and no additional transfer fees.


How much can you send?

You can send funds up to the maximum limits permitted by our standard sending policies. Please click here to see.


If you sent money to the wrong person or to the wrong number, what can you do?

If you entered a wrong phone number, please send us an email to support@taptapsend.com via your registered email address. We will review the situation with you. We won’t be able to help if the transfer had been picked up.


Tips for the recipient


Please find below some useful information to help your recipient with cash pickup via UPT:

  • When visiting a UPT service point (see list here) to pick up the cash, your recipient will need to:
    • present their valid ID or passport which matches the name you have entered in Taptap Send for the transfer
    • present the unique reference code (which they receive via text message), 
    • sign a receipt when they receive the money
  • Please note that the Reference code is valid for 30 days. Make sure your recipient picks up the fund before then.
  • If they have questions, your recipient can call UPT at 0850 724 0 878, or +90 0850 724 0 878 from outside Türkiye*

*Information for the recipient might be subject to change. Please check the UPT website for the most updated information.

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