How can you send money to Morocco?

You can send money through CashPlus for cash pick up, the money is available instantly and there are no cashout fees!


You can also send bank transfers to Attijariwafa Bank, the money is received instantly and without cashout fees!  Note that only transfers to “comptes enregistrés Dirham convertibles” ou “Dirham ordinaire” are possible. 


How much will you pay to send to Morocco?

We will simply charge a small % on the exchange rate and will not charge any extra fees at all.


How much can you send?

You can send funds up to the maximum limits permitted by our standard sending policies. Please click here to see.

What can you do if you send money to the wrong person or to the wrong number?


Taptap Send can always change the mobile number and/or the name of your recipient. Please make sure that you give the correct details to our customer service agents. Transfers can be edited provided that they have not been picked up yet. Alternatively, we will be happy to process a refund of the transfer for you. 


Attijariwafa bank

We are not able to modify or refund bank transfers, so make sure to double-check everything before confirming a transfer.


Tips for the recipient


There are no cashout fees with CashPlus!


Please find below some useful information to help your recipient to cash out their CashPlus transfer in Morocco:

  • Your recipient can cash out their transfer in any CashPlus agency; they are open every day from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM;  
  • To find the nearest agency, use this link
  • Your recipient will have to provide their ID and the transaction code, if the recipient does not have the Transaction Code, you can share it with him
  • The recipient must have a valid Moroccan ID for Moroccans, and a valid Visa or residence permit for non-Moroccans

For further help, your recipient can contact CashPlus, more information here or here



 يمكن للمستفيد الخاص بك صرف تحويله في أي فرع من فروع كاش بلوس ؛جميع الوكالات يفتحون يوميًا من الساعة 8:30 صباحًا حتى الساعة 8:00 مساءً ؛

 للعثور على أقرب وكالة ، استخدم هذا الرابط

 سيحتاج المستفيد الخاص بك إلى تقديم اسم المستخدم او المرسل ورمز المعاملة الخاصة ، إذا لم ليتوصل  المستلم برمز المعاملة اولم يكن لديه، فيمكنك مشاركته معه من التطبيق؛

 يجب أن يكون لدى المستفيد بطاقة هوية مغربية صالحة للمغاربة وتأشيرة أو تصريح إقامة ساري المفعول لغير المغاربة

 للحصول على مساعدة مباشرة ، يمكن للمستفيد الاتصال بـ كاش بلوس ، ولمزيد من المعلومات انقر هنا أو هنا


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