How can you send money to Colombia?

You can send money to Éxito for cash pick up, the money is available instantly and there are no cashout fees!



How much will you pay to send to Colombia?

We will simply charge a small % of the exchange rate and will not charge any extra fees at all.



How much can you send?


  • Daily (max 5 txns / max 3,000 usd)
  • Weekly (max 10txn / max 3,000 usd)
  • Monthly (max 15 txns/ max 3,000 usd)
  • Quarterly (max  30 txns / max 9,000 usd)
  • Biannual (max 60 txns / max 18,000 usd)
  • Annual (max 60 txns / mas 36,000 usd)


What can you do if you send money to the wrong person or to the wrong number?



Unfortunately, we cannot change the mobile number and/or the name of your recipient for you. 

If you sent to the wrong person or the wrong number, transfers can be refunded, provided that they have not been picked up yet, and you can send again to the intended recipient.


Tips for the recipient


There are no cashout fees with Éxito!

Please find below some useful information to help your recipient to cash out their Exito transfer in Colombia:

  • Your recipient can cash out their transfer in any agency of the group Éxito (Éxito, Carulla o Súper Inter); they are often open from 8 am to 8pm
  • To find the nearest agency, use this link
  • Your recipient will have to provide their ID and the redemption code, if the recipient does not have the redemption code, you can share it with them
  • Transfers can only be picked up in pesos (no USD)

For further help, your recipient can contact Éxito, more information can be found here

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