What is PSD2, SCA and 3DS2?


The second payment services directive (PSD2), a new EU regulation, requires payment services to implement strong customer authentication (SCA) when processing payments. 

3DS2 is the updated card authentication process supported by card networks like Mastercard and Visa. It meets the new regulatory requirements while keeping the experience for you as easy as possible.

The aim is to make online payments more secure and fight fraud by proving it’s really you making the payment!


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What does this mean for my transactions?


Customers will need to confirm their identity more securely than before by providing 2 out of 3 elements when making an online payment:


  1. Something you know e.g. password, PIN, secret fact
  2. Something you have e.g. a code sent to the mobile phone associated with the bank
  3. Something you are e.g. fingerprint, facial recognition


With Taptap Send, it doesn’t matter which version of 3D Secure your bank uses. For a transaction requiring 3DS, you may need to authenticate using your bank’s app, a one-time passcode sent via SMS, or a card reader. Each bank uses a different method.


Here is how Nationwide chooses to authenticate customers.



What do I need to do?


  1. Make sure that your 3 elements of authentication and contact details are up to date with your bank
  2. Download your bank’s app and turn on your notifications for faster verification


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