Sending money from Canada

What do you need to open an account at Taptap Send from Canada?

Just a Canadian phone number and a Canadian bank card!


What cards can you use to send money:

  • Debit cards 
  • Visa or Mastercard branded


Cards you cannot use

  • Credit cards
  • Interac
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Corporate card


How much do you pay to send?

We never charge fees! You only pay a small percentage of the exchange rate. We review the rate every day and always fight to get you the best deal available. 

We are transparent and we never charge hidden fees!

If you want to do so, you can advance the cashout fees for your recipients (where applicable). See more on this on this article 


Location restriction

If you have opened an account with Taptap Send and travel to Quebec, please note that you will not be able to send money until you have left the province. Only residents of Quebec can use Taptap Send in Quebec.


Verifying your account

It's super easy to verify your account at Taptap Send: send us an ID and a selfie when you are prompted to, and your sending limits will be lifted.  We may require additional documents, but you would be informed directly if that's the case. 


These are the documents that we accept to remove the sending limits from your account:

  • Valid Canadian driver’s licence (as permitted by provincial law)
  • Current Canadian passport
  • Birth certificate issued in Canada
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) card issued by the Government of Canada
  • Old Age Security card issued by the Government of Canada
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Provincial or territorial health insurance card that can be used as ID under provincial or territorial law
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Certification of Naturalization
  • Permanent Resident card or an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) form IMM 1000, IMM 1442, or IMM 5292






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