Airtel cashout tips

Here is some helpful information to assist your recipient with cashing out using Airtel in Madagascar:

  • When cashing out at the agency, please inform your recipient that they will need to provide their identification and the secret PIN they selected during the mobile account registration process.
  • If your recipient requires additional assistance, they can contact Airtel Tigo Customer Service at 0333300121 or 434, or send an email to
  • To check the balance in their account, your recipient can dial *436*5# - they will be prompted to enter their password.
  • If cashing out at one agency does not work, it is advisable for your recipient to try another agency as well.
  • For further information and support, please refer to their support page available at the provided link.
  • For more information on cashout fees, please refer to their support page here.

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