Cash pick up with banks

We are happy to give you a few tips to help with the cash pick up in Nigeria.


Remember that our cash pick up product only works with banks, and has zero cash-out fees!


Attention: it’s very important to provide the entire legal name of the recipient correctly, as the bank might refuse to deliver funds otherwise.


Now, it is crucial to follow certain steps in order to successfully withdraw the cash:

  • Ensure your recipient has their ID and BVN (Bank Verification Number) with them when going to pick up the transfer
  • At the bank, they should tell the cashier that they have received a transfer from Venture Garden Nigeria (even if the transfer was sent via Taptap Send), as it will be easier to locate the transfer in the bank system
  • Your recipient should fill in the KYC form and indicate 
    • the redemption code starting with ‘’swv----’’, that we’ve sent to them via SMS 
    • their  BVN (Bank Verification Number)
  • Then, they will receive a One Time password that they will have to provide to the bank cashier

We are always happy to assist you if you have any issues at any stage, but remember to follow the aforementioned steps for a smooth experience at the bank! 

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