Amole cashout tips

Please find below some useful information to help your recipient cash out the money with Amole in Ethiopia:

    • Make sure your recipient has registered their Amole e-wallet. If needed, your recipient can visit any of the nearest Dashen Branches/Agents for registration.
    • Your recipient can cash out from Dashen Bank ATM’s or any agent location.  They can use the following link to locate the nearest ATM available or use this link to find the nearest branch. 
    • Recipients can use their Amole wallet to fund transfers, pay bills and pay diverse merchants without needing to cash out. 
    • For further assistance, your recipient can contact Amole Payment Services on their 16h Operation Centre by dialling 6294; or Dashen’s Contact Center 24h Support by dialling 6333. 
  • Alternatively, they can also call their 8h Support Channel on the following numbers: 0989-16-32-18; 0905-69-83-45; 0905-69-58-12 or reach Dashen Bank directly by email:
  • For more information regarding Amole, you can visit their website here

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