Tips for Pix Wallet

Finding your recipient’s PIX key

Here is some useful information to help your recipient find their PIX key: 

  • In order to send money to your recipient in Brazil via Taptap Send, you need to have their PIX key. A PIX key can be: 
    • CPF/CNPJ (taxpayer number); or
    • email; or
    • cell phone number; or
    • a random key
  • To find the right PIX key, the recipient can try one of the following:
    • Contact the financial institution (for example: their bank) with which they have a Pix key available. 
    • Check the PIX section on their bank app or e-wallet
    • Check through the Registrato system (Banco Central do Brazil) to see all the PIX they have available and/or registered 
  • If your recipient does not have or is unsure if they have a PIX key, they can request at an official financial and payment institution (such as their bank, but it is important to note that PIX is not restricted to banks, some other apps may also offer PIX)

See here for how much you can send to your recipient in Brazil via PIX.

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