My transfer does not pass 3DS


We are happy to provide some advice to help you go through 3DS.

We also have compiled some tutorials for some specific banks at the end of this page.


What is 3D Secure?

Created by Visa and MasterCard, 3D Secure, also referred to as 3DS, is a technical standard that adds security to online credit and debit card transactions.


How does a 3D Secure payment work?

3D Secure adds protection to an online transaction. In order to complete an online purchase, the cardholder is asked to provide proof of identity by entering a unique password, an SMS code, or a temporary PIN.


Here are the options your bank may offer to authorise the transaction:

  • Mobile Banking app
  • Passcode - sent via text message or via your bank’s app
  • Password in your bank’s app
  • Card reader


We understand the importance of sending payments back home on time. To avoid delays, you should do the following:

  • Make sure your contact details, such as email and mobile number, are up to date with your bank
  • Download your bank's app, and check that you’re signed into your online banking account 
  • Make sure that notifications from your bank’s app are enabled on your mobile phone


What if my Taptap Send transfer failed because of 3DS?

  • Update your Taptap Send app version to the latest available on the App or Play Store
  • Make sure your bank app is set up and that you’re logged in, with push notifications enabled
    • If your bank requires it, be sure to enable online transactions and money transfer payments in your bank app’s settings

If you are still unable to pass 3DS, it's because your bank could not allow the transfer to be processed. We recommend calling your bank and reviewing with them that everything is up to date, as mentioned above. Also, you should not worry because the funds would never be charged by us if 3DS fails!


3DS flow for specific banks

Please select which is your country, and then the bank that you are using.


FRANCE: visit this page to see videos for French banks


ITALY: visit this page to see videos for Italian banks


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