Refunds when sending from the United States



You have two different rights to refunds:


A - Refund within 30 minutes


In accordance with CFPB Regulations, you are entitled to request a refund in the 30 minutes of initiating a transfer with us.


How to request this refund

Send us an email at and give us as much information as possible so we can identify your transfer with certainty, otherwise, we might not be able to refund the transfer for you. 

For example: Could you please refund the transfer XXXXXX, that I sent to XXXX on the XXXX at XXXX. 


We will process your refund if (a) the funds have not been delivered or made available to the recipient’s account you indicated to us, and (b) we receive your request within the 30 minutes of your transfer being initiated. 

We will review your request as soon as we can, and should you contact us outside of our business hours, we might process your request on the following day, but that will never impact your refund rights. 


B - Refunds within 180 days 


If you believe that we made an error with your transfer, please contact us at within 180 days of the transfer so we can look into it.  

When contacting us, you must give your full name, address, and phone number, the transfer identification number, send amount, the error with the transfer (and why you believe it is an error), and the name of the recipient (and if you know it, the recipient’s telephone number or address). 

 We will investigate the error as quickly as possible and let you know the outcome. However, we are dependent on our partners for this so please allow us up to 90 days to investigate. We will contact you as soon as possible after we have completed our investigation. 

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