Sending money with SOFORT/Klarna (only in Germany)

How does SOFORT/Klarna work?

SOFORT/Klarna is a payment method involving an online bank transfer. It requires authorizing the payment explicitly on every transfer if it is used. It is a secure and convenient payment method for our German users. 

Steps include:

  1. Choosing SOFORT/Klarna as payment method
  2. Starting SOFORT/Klarna flow, which takes you to the SOFORT website to authenticate the payment
  3. Returning back to Taptap Send when the payment goes through

Note that you will have to enter your IBAN  and all information about your account in SOFORT/Klarna  EACH time you transfer money. You will receive a PIN (via phone or push notifications) that you will have to enter manually.

The first time you are prompted to choose between SOFORT/Klarna or a bank card and the option you choose at this stage becomes your default payment method.

How to change the payment method: You can change this method in the screen of the payment and edit from there. When you are finalising your transfer - before the final validation button, you will see the mention "payment method" and an edit button on the right side. Select the "edit button" and you will be prompted in using the other payment method available. 

Please note that you cannot make that change from the "payment method menu at the moment but we plan on launching this as soon as possible.


*Warning: if you will try to use someone else's account, your payment method will be suspended.


Why didn’t my SOFORT/Klarna payment go through?

Unfortunately, we won’t know why your payment was declined because the bank keeps that information. We recommend reaching out to your bank to find out why they declined a payment.


How long do refunds take with SOFORT/Klarna?

Because of the way the funds are captured from your bank, Sofort refunds can take a little longer to process -- in some cases, up to 7-10 days. Do not hesitate to review with your bank or to contact us if you have any questions on this.


Where is SOFORT/Klarna available?

We’re planning to enable SOFORT only for Germany at this time. Belgium and the Netherlands have similar payment methods that we may consider supporting in the future.


Sofort issue: sending directly via bank app

After you complete your first Sofort transaction you may see the ability to send directly from your banking app. This is NOT a viable way to send money through Taptap Send. You must always start transactions from the Taptap Send app. We do not support the ability to send money directly from your banking app.

--> What to do if you have accidentally sent through your bank account?

Because we do not support this flow, the funds that you sent to that IBAN should automatically be sent back to you after 3 business days

If after 3 business days your funds have not been refunded, please send us an email at so we can review the situation with you.



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