How to verify my Taptap Send account


Taptap Send really cares about its users' safety so we ask every user who has made a few transfers with us to verify the ownership of their account.


We need to receive a selfie and proof of ID to lift the limits on your account. 


What do you have to send?

Please send us a photo ID that is not expired and that shows:

-        Your name

-        Your date of birth


⚠️ Please review that everything is correct before sending. No one likes sending documents so it's better to avoid unnecessary delays.



What document can you send?


List of accepted documents for ID

  • Any EU/CA/US ID card (or from any country to which we allow sending transfers to)

  • Any EU/CA/US recent driving licence

  • Any international passports

  • Any EU/CA/US Resident Permit


Criteria of the document

Please make sure you send a copy that we can accept, to avoid unnecessary delays. Your document needs to be:

  • Clear and legible
  • not cropped (let us see the entire document!)
  • not a photocopy or a picture of a screen 


How to send document 

You will receive a message directly in the app when you need to send documents. Just follow the flow and let us guide you. 

If you have already sent some documents and they were no all accepted, you can resend from the app, open the Menu and select "Upload other documents".


What if there was an issue with the documents you sent?

We aim to review your documents the same day, and if there's anything wrong, we will always inform you via email with a detailed explanation of what we need to receive. Review your inbox, and if you have any questions, please contact our Support team!



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