Advancing the cashout fee (where applicable)


Taptap Send will never charge fees to your recipient but when you send a Mobile Money transfer, most of the providers will charge a small fee if the transfer is cashed out. 


With certain corridors, we offer you the possibility to advance the cashout fee by sending extra money to your recipient. If the feature is offered, you will be prompted to select it (or not, as you prefer) each time you're sending a transfer, and we will tell you exactly what is the amount of the fees that have to be paid.


The fees are calculated on the amount you sent for that specific transfer. We know how much the provider charges so we can calculate how much the recipient will be asked to pay when cashing out the amount sent (we cannot accurately calculate if your recipient decides to cash out more or less than the amount you sent).  


Please note that your recipient will still have to pay the fees to the provider! The whole feature allows your recipient to leave with more. This does not mean that the fees are waived!


Here is an example: You want to send EUR 100 to Aminata. 


A - You decide to cover the cashout fees

In this example, the amount would be EUR 3.69.

So instead of sending 100 you will end up sending 103.69.

Aminata will receive 103.69 and will have to pay 3.69 to cash out the transfer.

Aminata will get 100 at the end. Which was the amount you intended to send. 


B - You decide not to cover the fees

Aminata will receive 100  and pay 3.69, deducted from the 100 received and will leave with 96.31 instead.


When you cover for the fees, Aminata actually keeps a little more. 

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