Community Guidelines on account security

At Taptap Send, we want to provide our users with a secure and quick way to send money. In this page you will find recommendations and best practices to ensure you keep your account safe and prevent any unwanted activity.


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Do not share your account

In order to keep your information secure we recommend that you avoid sharing your personal information, account information and account with others. We encourage users to make their own personal accounts and avoid allowing others to use their account to send funds. 



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Identity verification

As a regulated financial institution we are required by regulation to verify the identity of our users. Just as with your bank we are required to verify the identity and personal information of our users and in some cases of their recipients. Please provide us with complete information that matches your documents. Common problems we see:

  • Using nicknames or incomplete names, addresses or incorrect birthdates, may make it difficult for our team to be able to verify your identity. 
  • Using anything other than your main mobile phone number with Taptap Send is not permitted. For example, we cannot allow call forwarding services or Voice Over IP type phone numbers offered by many digital calling service providers.


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Only use your payment information on your account

Your account information should match the information on your payment method. Using your payment method on more than 1 account can result in your account and the associated accounts being suspended. Only use a payment method in your name and avoid sharing your payment method.


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Only send money to people you know and trust.

We highly recommend that you only send money to people you know and have met in person. As scams can target all types of individuals we encourage you to avoid sending funds to people you have not met in person. 


If we notice any unusual behaviour related to your account we may ask you to verify your details or provide us with further information. This may result in suspension of your account and if we cannot confirm that an account is following the above guidelines this may result in the permanent deactivation of your account. 

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