Taptap Send Wallet

What is the wallet?

The Taptap Send wallet gives you the ability to convert now and send later, locking in great rates even if you don’t need to send today.

The wallet also allows you to build up your funds until you need to send a big transfer.

What is Taptap Send wallet for?

You can use it to decide when to lock in a rate or put money aside before you need to send.

For example, if you need to send money at the end of the month, and believe today’s rate is great, you can convert and know you have the rate locked in, without worrying.

Or if you want to set the money aside so you don’t spend it, then you can load your wallet now and send it when you need to.

The wallet lets you decide when you want to convert and how you want to budget, and when you want to send.


How to create a wallet?

It’s very simple! If the wallet is an option for you in your country and in the currency you send money to, you will see the option displayed on the main home screen of the app.

At this time, this feature is only available for some users sending from the UK to Kenya. We will release it to more users and more currencies very soon! We are not able to share details at this stage but will keep you posted when the time comes! 

Please note that it may take a few hours for your wallet to be fully ready once you have loaded it with credit. Once your wallet is created, it will be visible directly from the home screen.


Who can have a wallet?

  • Only users who have a verified account (Submitted ID + Seflie) can have a wallet
  • Users who have already sent money in the currency available


Use your wallet as a payment method

When your wallet is loaded with funds, you can decide to send transactions with these funds at your earliest convenience. You may also choose to send with a different payment, depending on what is available in your country. 


If your wallet does not hold enough funds to pay for the transaction, the option will be greyed out. You can decide to load your wallet with more funds if you wish.


How to load your wallet?

Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions

  • Select “add funds” from the home screen 
  • Type the amount you want to load
  • Click on “Continue
  • You are presented with a summary of the transaction 
  • Click on “Confirm and fund wallet
  • Enter your password or use your face/fingerprint authentication 
  • Go through 3DS if prompted (security step to verify the transaction) 
  • You will see a final confirmation of how much was loaded into your wallet!
  • Your Transaction will be identified with a specific reference number and you will see your transaction displayed in your wallet load transfer history on the "add funds" screen.

Note: You can load your wallet up to KES 500,000 maximum

How to request a refund?

You can withdraw the funds you have available in your wallet at any time. You can either prefer to withdraw the total amount available or only a percentage. It is entirely up to you!


Wallet and sending limits

Please note that the amount loaded to your wallet will count towards the calculation of your internal Taptap Send limits. Please visit this article to find more details about these limits here.

The amount sent via your wallet does not count towards these limits (only the load of funds as described above is taken into account).


Additional info about the wallet

Is using the Taptap Send wallet safe?

It’s one of the safest options available in the market and this is for several reasons:

  • We follow respectfully the regulations in place in each location where we operate.
  • Your funds are held in a completely separate account 
  • You can withdraw your funds at any time.

Do you earn interest on wallet balances?

Unfortunately, by the regulations on wallets, we cannot pay interest.

What happens if the rate changes?

The value of your money remains the same in the wallet, keeping the rate at which you initially locked it. There are no fluctuations or changes in its worth.

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